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Kendamil Organic Stage 2

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Product Information

  • Name: Kendamil Organic Stage 2 Follow-On Milk
  • Age Range: Suitable for babies aged 6 to 12 months
  • Size: 800g per container
  • Source: Cow's Milk


Elevate your baby's nourishment with Kendamil Organic Stage 2 Follow-On Milk, tailored for the growth and development of infants aged 6 to 12 months. Whether as a complement to breastfeeding or part of their transitioning diet, this formula is thoughtfully crafted to support your baby's journey.

Key Features

  • Smooth Transition: The 40/60 casein to whey ratio mirrors breast milk, easing your baby into the exciting phase of weaning.

  • Energizing Nutrition: Stage 2 boasts increased levels of lactose and calories, providing the vital energy your growing baby needs.

  • Iron Fortified: Elevated iron content guards against the risk of anemia at 6 months, ensuring your baby's healthy development.

  • Immune Support: Fortified with vitamins A, C, and D, and packed with essential fatty acids like ALA, LA, ARA, and plant-based DHA.

  • Gentle on Tummies: Kendamil exclusively uses whole organic cow's milk for easier digestion, free from starch or maltodextrin.

  • Certified Quality: Committed to using only the highest-quality EU certified organic ingredients, ensuring your baby receives essential nutrients for growth.

Why Choose Kendamil Organic Stage 2?

For parents seeking nothing but the best for their baby's nutrition, Kendamil Organic Stage 2 Follow-On Milk stands as a testament to excellence. With each 800g container, you can provide your growing baby with nourishment that is both exceptional and infused with the care they deserve.

    Kendamil Organic Stage 2