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HiPP German 1+ Year Kindermilch Formula (600g)

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Name: Hipp Kindermilch Combiotik
Age Range: From 12 months
Country of Origin: Germany
Packaging: 600g per box (German Box and Formulation)


Hipp German 1+ year kindermilch formula is designed to be used as a supplement to or in place of breastmilk starting at the age of 12 months. A natural formula containing probiotic lactic acid bacteria sourced from breast milk, it's created to aid your baby's digestion.

Fulfilling the energy requirements of growing toddlers, HiPP Kindermilch formula includes an array of micro and macronutrients. Key components like vitamins A, C, and D help bolster the immune system, while vitamin D and calcium support strong bones, and iodine aids thyroid gland function.

Key Features

  • Reduced Protein Content: Tailored for children's dietary needs.
  • Vitamin D: Supports strong bones.
  • Vitamin A, C, and D: Enhance the immune system.
  • PROBIOTIC: Includes natural probiotics for digestive support.
  • GOS (from Lactose): Additional digestive aid.
  • LCP (OMEGA 3&6): Essential fatty acids for overall wellness.

Product Benefits

  • Naturally Aids Digestion: Utilizes lactic acid bacteria from breast milk.
  • Addresses Toddlers' Nutritional Needs: Contains essential micro and macronutrients.
  • Supports Strong Bones and Immune System: Enhanced with calcium and vital vitamins.
  • Made to European Standards: Meets nutritional criteria in Europe (additional supplements may be needed for other countries).


Skim Milk, Vegetable Oils (Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Sunflower Oil), Lactose, Galactooligosaccharides from Lactose, Potassium Citrate, Calcium Orthophosphate, Calcium Citrate, Magnesium Sulfate, Vitamin C, Iron Sulfate, Natural Lactic acid culture (Lactobacillus Fermentum Hereditum), Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, Potassium Iodate, Biotin, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12.

Nutritional Values (Per 100ml or 3.38 oz/3 oz prepared)

  • Energy: 215kj/51kcal
  • Total Fat: 2.5g
  • Saturated Fatty Acids: 0.8g
  • Monounsaturated Fatty Acids: 1.1g
  • Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: 0.6g
  • Total Carbs: 5g
  • Sugar: 5g
  • Fiber: 0.6g
  • Galacto-oligosaccharides: 0.6g
  • Protein: 1.9g
  • Salt: 0.05g
  • Minerals & Vitamins: Refer to the detailed list above.


  • Fish and fish products
  • Milk and milk products (including lactose)

Storage: Cooling (<25 °), dry place. Refer to the packaging for specific storage instructions.

Why Choose Hipp Kindermilch Combiotik from 1 Year?

If you are looking for a natural formula that mirrors the beneficial qualities of breast milk and offers an enhanced nutritional profile, Hipp Kindermilch Combiotik is the ideal choice for toddlers aged 1 year and above. Its balanced combination of essential nutrients ensures that your child receives well-rounded nourishment, supporting digestion, bone strength, and immune health.

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      HiPP German 1+ Year Kindermilch Formula (600g)