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HiPP Dutch Goat Formula Stage 1 (400g)

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Name: HiPP Dutch Goat Stage 1 Formula: Nourishment Straight from Nature
Age Range: Birth to 6 months


Introducing HiPP's latest innovation in baby nutrition, specifically designed to provide top-quality nourishment for your little one from birth to six months. Crafted with natural ingredients, this formula ensures a healthy choice for your baby's essential growth phase.

Key Features

Organic Goat's Milk

  • Pure A2 Beta-Casein: Sourced from organic goat's milk and free of A1 protein for a natural choice.

Essential Nutrients

  • Comprehensive Nourishment: Packed with vitamins, minerals, and Omega fatty acids to support your baby's growth and development.

No Artificial Additives

  • Finest Organic Ingredients: Includes fish oil and essential oils from sunflower and rapeseed, avoiding artificial substances.

Note on Packaging

  • Packaging Sensitivity: Product may dent easily, but dented cans remain safe to consume. Full refunds available for returns.

Compliance with European Standards

  • Local Dietary Consideration: Be aware that supplements may be required in some countries to match local dietary recommendations.

Why Choose HiPP Dutch Goat Stage 1 Formula?

Trust HiPP Dutch Goat Stage 1 Formula to meet your baby's nutritional needs during their crucial early months. With the integrity of organic goat's milk and essential nutrients without artificial additives, it offers pure nourishment straight from nature.

    HiPP Dutch Goat Formula Stage 1 (400g)