HiPP vs. Holle: Comparing Infant and Baby Formulas

HiPP vs. Holle: Comparing Infant and Baby Formulas

When it comes to organic European baby formulas for infants and babies, HiPP and Holle stand out. These family-owned brands boast a rich history of delivering top-notch products, giving new parents a range of options to choose from.

Let's dive into the HiPP vs. Holle formula comparison.


Founded in 1899 by German baker Joseph Hipp, HiPP's story began with a husband's desire to aid his struggling wife, Maria, in breastfeeding. Joseph crafted a natural rusk-based cereal to supplement breastmilk and solid food, birthing the HiPP family business. Fast forward 124 years, and HiPP baby products now grace 57 countries.

Their organic formula lineup includes:

  • First Infant Milk: A nutritious formula with omega-3 DHA.
  • Follow on Milk: Weaning milk enriched with vitamins and minerals, ideal for babies 6 months and up.
  • Growing Up Milk: Tailored for babies over two years old, supporting their growth journey.
  • Specialized Milks: Formulas designed for children with colic, constipation, reflux, and regurgitation. These can serve as exclusive nutrition or part of a weaning diet.

All milk categories, excluding specialized formulas, come in ready-to-drink or powder forms. HiPP even offers Dutch goat milk formulas in regular, hypoallergenic, and Combiotic versions, featuring lactic acid bacteria and fiber benefits.


Established in 1933 by Holle Nährmittel AG in Switzerland, this family-owned venture has championed a holistic approach and corporate responsibility for 90 years. Holle's global presence includes over 50 countries, offering more than 90 infant and baby products to discerning new parents.

Holle's offerings include:

  • Holle Stage PRE: A nutritious breast milk substitute for newborns up to six months.
  • Holle Stage 1: A nourishing substitute for infants in their first six months.
  • Holle Stage 2: A nutrient-rich formula for babies six months and older.
  • Holle Stage 3: A premium formula for infants aged ten months and up.
  • Holle Stage 4: A specialized formula for growing children aged 12 months and beyond, enriched with protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

All formula stages come as organic goat or cow milk in powder form.

In Summary

While both HiPP and Holle excel in offering high-quality organic infant and baby formulas, they stand apart in their unique offerings. These options cater to the specific needs of growing babies, empowering parents with choices that suit their little ones best.